Baker’s Dozen: Halloween Edition – Best Screamers of Now, The Scream Queens

Normally with our top 10 we like to give you 3 honorable mentions. How about stepping up the work this time with 3 Hall of Famers?  We wanted a fairly modern list, but you can’t talk Scream Queens without going way back so we felt the need to mention three special ladies who defined the genre.

Without further ado…

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie_Lee1We all know she rocked some Laurie Strode like no one else, also don’t sleep on Prom Night, Terror Train, and The Fog. She’s everything you want in a horror survivor, a role model for the genre for all time.

Linnea Quigley


The Return of the Living Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street, along with some 130+ other credits. Linnea is the John Wayne of Scream. If you’ve ever watched late night horrors during October you’ve seen a flick she’s in.


Janet Leigh


Jamie Lee’s mother if you didn’t know. Her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is one of the most iconic roles in American film history. Her classic black and white beauty will forever be timeless.







There are far too many more to cover in this space, the horror genre has been very kind to the Scream queen fans over the years. But that’s a full list for another day. Let’s get to our top current group based off a little formula of body of work, beauty, acting skills, and blood spilled, lots of blood spilled.

#10 – Devanny PinnDevanny-Pinn

Horror Barbie describes her about spot on, a classic blood and gore pin-up!

The Black Dahlia Haunting, Wonderland, and Truth or Dare






#9 – Mary Elizabeth WinsteadMary Elizabeth Winstead

This Carolina girl of many talents has a nice bio of work, including TV, Broadway, and being an artist.

The Thing, Final Destination 3, and Grindhouse



#8 – Cerina Vincentcerina-vincent-3551

A former Power Ranger turned horror movie hottie, it show you really can grow up out of a silly kids role.

Cabin Fever, Return to House on Haunted Hill, and Sasquatch Mountain (personal fav, find it on Netflix)






#7 – Alexandra DaddarioAlexandra Daddario1

Better known for Percy Jackson films, this New Yorker’s brother is also an actor.

Texas Chainsaw 3D and The Attic






#6 – Jessica Cameronjessica5

A product of Canada, she’s an award winner with a versatile resume.

Run Like Hell, Virginia Obscura, and Truth or Dare




#5 – Scout Taylor-ComptonScout Taylor-Compton

This beautiful blonde from California took up the role of Laurie Strode in the Halloween remakes, she is also recording her debut rock album, and does many voice over films.

Halloween (2007), Halloween 2 (2009), and Wicked Little Things






#4 – Brooke Lewisbrooke_lewis_vamp

With 50 projects and her own TV show, this comedian, Broadway actress turned Scream Queen is top of the undead charts.

Brooke sat down with us for an interview here.






#3 – Tiffany ShepisTiffany Shepis

With over 100 film credits she may well be the reigning horror queen of this generation.

The Frankenstein Syndrome, The Prometheus Project, and Cyrus






#2 – Katharine Isabelle

004TLC_Katharine_Isabelle_021 American_Mary_Katharine_Isabelle

A personal favorite for American Mary, Katharine is a classic stunner and deadly with surgical tools.

Ginger Snaps, Freddy vs Jason, American Mary, and newly-released Soska Twins film See no Evil 2

#1 – Danielle Harris

         danielle-harris1 Danielle-Harris2

Possibly the most popular Scream Queen of her generation, Danielle also has some TV and directing on her resume.

Halloween 4, See No Evil 2, and Night of the Living Dead: Origins

~ E.S. Norton ~


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