Scream Queens of 2015 Our List of the Hottest in Horror

Ministers of Good Taste’s brings back our favorite Scream Queens for our second annual edition of the Baker’s Dozen Screams of the year, 2015 Edition!


2015 wasn’t without some fantastic frights, but we’d be running through the forest naked (yes even we are capable of scaring you) if we didn’t admit to one scary omission from our inaugural list of favorite frightful Women of HORROR… Key suspenseful music… You’ll just have to wait…

Last year we elected three of the original Queens of Scream into our Hall of Fright (see them here MoGT Scream Queens of 2014)

This year before we get into the coveted list we’d like to shout out to three upcoming films we think could give us a scare for 2016.

Pride, Prejudice & Zombies 

Jane Austen’s classic has its face chewed off by hungry folks in search of some brains… Featuring Lena Headley whose badass status knows no bounds, & Lily James who may steal the show!

Death House

Danny Trejo, Robert Englund, & Kane Hodder? Where do I sign up? Let’s leave this one at Hell has broken loose.

The Forest

Frankly if you’ve ever browsed MoGT you should know by now I’d watch Natalie Dormer chew on her fingernails. Let alone put her in a horror movie set in a forest? Yeah, I’m in…Duh

Ok, Ok,

Without further ado…


#10 – Danielle Harris

Last year’s #1 didn’t produce the body count we’d of liked to see in the last year, still she holds a career body of work that is undisputed. In 2015, she added another Night of the Living Dead title to her resume (Darkest Dawn), and we’re looking forward to her staring with the loveliest Julie Benz (Rambo & Boondock Saints) in Havenhurst.

Other titles we enjoy: Halloween 4, See No Evil 2, and Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn


#9 – Melissa McBride

How does a TV actress with no film additions make a Scream Queen list? Kill children and be a general badass destroyer of zombie herds that’s how. When the kiddos have to fear you, we aren’t sure if you’re keeping the piece or the eventual villain about to snap. For now at least “Carol” gets our appreciation as the take no shit, Scream Queen to be reckoned with.

The Walking Dead


#8 – Nina Dobrev

Our second newcomer of 2015, Nina blends Vampires (diaries to be exact) and playing in a flick about Scream Queens as her way into the number eight spot. Arguably the shortest resume on the list but there’s great potential in her scream that we think is pretty wicked.

Look out for Final Girls & Vampire Diaries


#7 – Brooke Lewis

Brooke continues to show the lighter side of Scream Queens, hosting her dating advice show and managing to still make appearances in a few campy classics. Killer Rack a horror musical about well, you can guess… We chatted with Brooke last year when she made #4 on our list.

You can catch up here Scream Queens Brooke Lewis

We hope for her great screams to continue…

Killer Rack 2015, Dawn of Destruction, & Ms. Vampy’s Bites just to name a few 

#6 – Jessica Cameron

A product of Canada, she’s an award winner with a versatile resume as an actress, producer, and director. As prolific in her bloodshed as any classic horror villain, Jessica turns out screams with a sexy macabre like few others. Get ready to see her again, and again in the rest of 2015 & 2016.

Run Like Hell, Virginia Obscura, and Truth or Dare 



#5 – Maika Monroe

Not many Scream Queens can boast a kite suffering career. Maika stole the show in It Follows, our favorite horror flick of the last 12 months. You’ll see her terrified again in The Guest, and with some big shoes to fill in the reboot of Independence Day.

If you haven’t already go rush out and see It Follows 




#4 – Devanny Pinn

Horror Barbie describes her about spot on, a classic blood and gore pin-up! We are still waiting for the full breakout stardom, but it’s clearly on the way. With TV (Code Black) gigs and a host of new projects coming, it’s only a matter of time before “Pinning” is a haunted household event.

The Black Dahlia Haunting (Our reviewed), Wonderland, and Truth or Dare, Dwelling


#3 – Katharine Isabelle


A personal favorite for American Mary, frankly one of the greatest roles in horror history, Katharine is a classic stunner and deadly with surgical tools. She has recently been involved with the hit show Hannibal (Margot Verger), and Girl in the Photographs. We’ll be holding our breaths for a reunion, maybe a sequel to Mary…

Hidden Gems of Netflix American Mary

Ginger Snaps, Freddy vs Jason, American Mary, and newly-released Soska Twins film See No Evil 2





Before we go much further who just missed the list?

How about the ever adorable Rose McIver – Izombie

Everyone loves a ginger Jessica Chastain – Crimson Peak

Not nearly just the sideshow anymore Tristan Risk – House of Manson



 #2 – Cortney Palm

How awesome was Zombeavers? Do we even have to ask?

Cortney stole the show, hands down from the like of Lexi Atkins and a group of radioactive pissed off beavers. We hope see continues in the genre. While we await her next scream fest, 2016’s Female Fight Club is at the high end of our need to see list.

Interview with Cortney

Instant Classic Zombeavers


#1 – Jen & Sylvia Soska

The undisputed Queens of Scream for many years to come

As much as we love American Mary, and really all of the twins offerings (Dead Hooker in a Trunk, & See No Evil 2), it was like running upstairs away from the intruder, just plain stupid, that we left off this unbelievably talented pair from our 2014 list. Honestly if they wanted to subject us to the Hellevator I wouldn’t blame them, or say no. Their vision of horror is beyond unique and grotesque, but it’s not just blood and gore that makes their films entertaining. You really end up questioning your own reaction if you were in their characters shoes. Ladies if you ever need a talkie Hellevator host call me.


~ E.S. Norton ~


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  1. As much as I love the Soskas I’m trying to figure out how you are #1 2015 scram queen when there was no acting since 2009, minus a few cameos…must reassess the definition of scream queen…


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